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Kaya Tinnakorn

Since I was young, I fell in love with permanent makeup and skin care. The more I embraced it, the more I became passionate about it, and it has taken me on an amazing path where I have gained professional experience in makeup services near me and now have the skill-sets to make many people feel great about themselves.

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Discover the tireless dedication to cleanliness at our salon, where every surface sparkles with meticulous sterility. Because your health is our top priority, you can enjoy your treatments with complete peace of mind in our pristine setting.

Long Lasting Effect

Discover timeless beauty with the help of our skilled makeup artists. Our skilled touch guarantees a radiant appearance that lasts all day, empowering you to seize every moment with unwavering confidence.


Welcome to our salon, where every makeup service is designed with your comfort in mind. Experience the luxury of painless pampering. Step into a realm of unparalleled relaxation and transformation, where you can experience beauty without any discomfort. Your time with us is focused on regeneration without any discomfort whatsoever.


Enjoy a world of beauty without breaking the bank. You can enjoy excellent services at our salon without compromising on quality because we are committed to providing affordable luxury. At our salon, quality and affordability go hand in hand. We believe that everyone deserves a touch of glamour in their lives, which is why we provide high-quality beauty care at affordable prices.

How I Work



Firstly, you have to appoint yourself in the specific procedure that you want from our website.



We will schedule a specific time for our meeting to ensure that we meet your requirements and provide you with the desired appearance you are looking for.



Some refreshments would be provided to you so that you would feel relaxed.



Enjoy the glamorous looks by us.