Permanent Makeup

Explore the captivating world of permanent cosmetics with Glamarous36, where innovation and beauty coexist in perfect harmony. Imagine waking up every day with perfectly shaped eyebrows, defined eyes, smoother skin, vibrant lip colors and jaw dropping eyelash extensions . Enhance your natural features effortlessly by achieving the perfect arch for your eyebrows, creating a soft look for your eyeline, or adding a touch of long-lasting color to your lips. Each application is custom-made by our skilled artists, who utilize a blend of creativity and accuracy to enhance your distinctive facial features and individual style. Embrace the confidence that comes with always looking your best, regardless the weather. Discover the full potential of your beauty with the artistic touch of permanent makeup. This timeless purchase will transform the way you perceive and communicate your elegance.

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Microshading or Ombre'
Combination Brows
Eyeliner (Top & Bottom)
Eyeliner (Upper or Lower)
Lip Blushing
Pigment Removal (Per Session)